O’Neill Close Encounter – On the road to Morocco !

7 01 2011

Hi everybody,

Sunday i leave for Morocco for a 10 days Surf Trip with a part of Global Riders and National Riders from O’Neill team:
Global riders …
°Mark Mathews
°Shaun Cansdell
°Cory Lopez

National riders …
°Axier Muniain (Spain)
°Joackim Guichard (Portugal)
°Christophe Allary (France)
°Micah Lester (United Kingdom)
°Paul Grey (Germany)
°Pascal van der Mast (The Netherlands)
°Niels Musschoot (Belgium)

During the event O’Neill will develop 2 daily video compilations & 2 daily text reports with pics selection.

These will be placed on www.facebook.com/oneill

Here some details of the trip from facebook page :

where global meets local

Local European heroes join forces with three of world’s best surfers in a search for untouched waves. Focusing on the values of surfing – sharing waves with friends, pushing each other to new levels and exploring new cultures – O’Neill will gather 7 local heroes from 7 European countries and bring them together with global teamriders Cory Lopez, Mark Mathews and Shaun Cansdell for a close encounter with undiscovered magic Moroccan surf spots.

Secret Spots

The kingdom of Morocco has a beautiful culture and a rich history. And with local guide, Azhar Joundi, it also has a huge variety of secret world-class surf spots to offer. “With a 4×4 and a little walk we will reach spots where hardly anybody goes,” says Azhar. “We have the choice of many reefs, points, slabs and outer reefs that have only been surfed by a handful of people.

Photographs and film

This trip is not just about discovering and catching the best waves in Morocco. It’s also about strengthening the ties in the O’Neill family and getting to know all the great riders in it. Therefore an extensive camera team will be present. Mickey Smith – of ‘The Dark Side of The Lens’ fame – is one of them.

I’m really excited to go to Morrocco (3rd time), last time was two years ago with part of European and Global Roxy Team. I really like this country for the various landscape, waves’s diversity and Morrocan’s culture.

There will be others photographers and cameramen, it’s always interesting to share ideas and reflexion around our passion and way to work.

All pics wil be available on http://www.aquashot.fr when i will be back !

Sorry for my english !

See u Soon and In šhāʾ Allāh !!